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The website provides information about:Stewardess

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   NY Retirees - Photos and bios of former NY Flight Attendants. 
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This website was launched November 12, 2006 and will be growing and changing with your participation. So fill us in with where you are, what you are doing, and what is going on in your life after AA. 


Please note that anywhere you see blue text with a line under it.... that is a link to another page or email. Just click on it...Try it!      Jill Rohan - Your webmaster


2015 Holiday Party - December - TBA

Details are coming. This party is once again being organized by Capt. J C Farrell and will be held at Russos in Howard Beach.



Your Pass Privileges have been Decimated!

Recent changes in boarding priority and number of guest passes have significantly changed our retiree travel benefits. The new rules for number of passes went into effect Jan.1, and the second phase (D2R boarding) started Sept. 10, 2014.   If you are upset about the changes then DO NOT DELAY writing to express your opinion. 


You can email your letters to:

Doug Parker  at:

Elise Eberwein at:

Laura Glading at:


For a sample letter go to:  At the bottom of the center column you will find a link to: a sample letter to Doug Parker. Or try clicking here: Sample letter to Doug Parker.   Please go to the AMRRC website to get the latest info. You will also find a lengthy Q and A. Very helpful to clarify all the changes.


If you prefer (and some people feel if makes more of an impression) to write an actual letter them you can write to Doug Parker at:


W. Douglas Parker
Chief Executive Office
American Airlines, Inc.
4333 Amon Carter Boulevard
P. O. Box 619616
DFW Airport, TX 75261-9616



If you haven't see the details of the new travel regulations go to JetNet and go to the Home page for complete info.


Your voice WILL be heard, but don't delay! Write today.


AMRRC Survey and News

The American Airlines Retirement Committee is working tirelessly to protect our retirement benefits.  They would like your input about the new travel proposal.

Please go to the website and follow instructions for the survey.

They are compiling info for the next meeting with the company.


There is a tremendous amount of information on the site and rather than duplicate it here I have included the link so you can go directly to the site.


The latest newsletter has info about:



2015 Reunion - Spring 2015

The Reunion is over and it was GREAT!   We had a terrific turnout and plan to have more events throughout the year so we can all keep in touch. We starting to plan the next NY reunion if you have any suggestions please contact Jill or Sharon O'Neill. 


 Photos from the party are on the "Reunion 2013"page.



The artwork above is by artist Mary Thrasher. She has done many pieces depicting American Airlines "Stewardesses". For information about how you can purchase her artwork go to the "Galley Talk" page.

The "Fly Till You Die" program*  

Many flight Attendants have expressed concern about the retirement benefits changes. Management understands these concerns and has developed this new program to assist Flight Attendants in their Golden years. 

The "Fly Till You Die" program will eliminate the need for retirement 
benefits altogether! The "Fly Till You! Die" program is designed to assist Flight Attendants who are over age 75.

   Benefits Include:

A handicapped parking pass for the employee lot.

Large print OBM's (On-Board Manuals)

Discounts on prescription bifocals and walkers. 

Low impact senior aerobics at select layover hotels .

Up to four sick calls per year before disciplinary procedures begin, and up to two months un-paid leave for hip surgery. 

Priority seating areas while waiting for domicile elevators. 

Unlimited re -takes on Jet Recurrent proficiency tests

Gate-to-gate wheelchair assistance for connections under 1:45.

Un-challenged orthopedic uniform shoe exceptions .   Free shuttle service between airport and nursing home. 

Expanded death benefits for Flight Attendants who expire while on duty. (Excludes deadheading)

American Airlines has developed this industry-leading benefit program because we recognize the importance of all our front-line employees, and appreciate your contributions and experience. 

*As usual benefits subject to change or cancellation at any time without prior notice.



For more information contact:  Sonnie Sims