New York Retirees

I am adding pictures daily! Where is yours? 


If you are retired please send me your picture and a little info about what you are doing and I will get it on the site! Or maybe you have a better picture of yourself!

Jill  -


Help!  I need pictures and bios of....


Jane Raveny, Kathy Broderick, Nancy Hamill,  Betty Metrick-Alfaro, Donna Sager, Mira Smith, Nancy Spero, Reggie Ryan-Sadler,  Kimberly Kenney,  Frances Laudermilk,  Claudia Thornton, Nayda Trinidad,  Carole Terranova, Barbara Coleman, Roxanne Scheidt,  Cathy Prostovich, Diane Haupt, Carol Ludington, and any other retirees not pictured.



Luz Abatelli


   Lana Aberbach

 Yes it's true Lana has moved to Big D. We are waiting to hear from her.

Marcos Abril


Felix Alvarez

Check the "Galley Page" for pictures from Felix's last flight.

Jan Alvarez
Jan Alverez
Janet Elaine Alvarez (J) born on May 20, 1939 in Toronto, Ontario passed away Tuesday August 5, 2014 due to a brief terminal illness. She is survived by her brother, loving husband Felix, and two loving daughters. In lieu of flowers please consider making a donation to one of her favorite charities:,





Tina Anderson


Joe Angilini


Geri Aprile




Cheryl Arndt

Cheryl in married to retired pilot Dick Arndt and they live in Clinton, CT where they enjoy boating and giving parties. The annual Octoberfest is a sought after invitation.


Joni Aschoff-Schumann

Elizabeth Aulin


Elizabeth diedNov. 21, 2014 in Sweeden She had moved back to Stockholm after her retirement and  was living near her brother and sister.


Don Bachman

Donnie has been retired since 2010 and is happily living in the shadow of the Cornwall Covered Bridge in W. Cornwall, CT. 

Most of his time is being taken up running a landscaping business.

He does still take time to go to his other home in County Cork Ireland on occasion.


Aurora Bantock

Elaine Barber

Elaine Barber (71) of Kent, CT, a lover of animals, world traveler, accomplished cook, avid reader, known for her southern wit, charm, and spicy aphoristic language, died suddenly on July 17th.
She was born in Akron, Ohio, but grew up in South Pittsburgh and Nashville, Tennessee.  Wanting to leave home she joined American Airlines as a flight attendant. She was very involved in the AFPA union and held the position of vice -president.


Pam Barnard


Denise Bartholomew


Jeri Bassani


Carol Bassett

 If I had known that I could have this much fun being retired, I would have done it a whole lot earlier.  Since my retirement I have joined a book club and a knitting class.  I also volunteer at a Christian Heath Care Center and call BINGO on Thursdays.  I travel every chance I get.  When someone says, "lets, " I say, "go!"  When I'm not flying across the country I've also toured upstate New York, saw Rockefeller's Estate, Vanderbilt mansion, Roosevelt's mansion and dined at Blue Hills at Stone Barn which is an organic restaurant on Rockefeller's Estate.  Dee-lish!  While I do miss most of my co-workers (they can contact me at I don't miss any of the traffic and 3 A.M. wake-up calls. :) 


Anne Becker



Becky Berner

   Becky  says:. What a great idea! I miss everyone in NY. I moved to Lafayette, LA after I retired in December 2004.  I have family here and moved here to be closer to them.  American Eagle just started flying into Lafayette again from Dallas, but only 3 flights a day. Always full. I usually drive to Baton Rouge or New Orleans to travel. 

My next big trip is to China in October of 2010.


Carol Bertrand

 Carol says: I retired in 2001 and don't know how I ever had the time to go to work.  I am busy every minute.  Since retirement I was blessed with seven beautiful grandchildren:  Maddie, Jack, Hagan, Katie, Brooke, Connor and Brian.....all under the age of five.  They all live nearby and keep

Grandma and Pop-Pop on the go.   We live in a little harbor-side town called Glen Head on the North Shore of Long Island and our passion is sailing.  From May to October you can find John and I on our boat cruising the Long Island Sound.  We belong to a wonderful yacht club and have made some great friends.  Our next sailing adventure will be  to Tortola in April.  We will be bare-boating on a 48ft. Catamaran with a great group of friends.  
Do I miss American Airlines?  No!     Do I miss you guys-- You bet!  Thanks for all the fond memories and I am very much looking forward to seeing you all again! 




Steve Bilbao

Keith Bjes

Susanne Boergermann

Susanne retired on 2010 and is living in Danbury, CT

Bonan Rubin

Jenny Bonan-Rubin


Nancy Bonner


Helen Boyer

Linda Dewberry Brandt

Sadly Linda has been gone since November of 2011.

There is a website memorial that has been set up  by Linda's son Phil. It is "Forever Missed"  Click on this link to go directly...


Roy Brayton


Tony Brevner


Dorie Brevner


Kathy Broderick


Judy Bromberg


Carole Brooks



Carolyn Bruni


Susan Busby


Judi Byrne

I retired in Sept., 2003. How time flies as I now realize I was on such a wonderful journey for 40 years. Great memories and travels which few  experience. I am  involved in community activities which are very rewarding. Sars, my husband, and I travel almost every other month and usually end up paying for tickets. No more E seats. Our son, Ched, is married and we are going to be blessed with twins by my lovely daughter-in-law. A boy and a girl. What joy! I'm sorry I can't be at the luncheon so have a drink for me. We will be on an Alaskan cruise. I must let you know my sister, Jane Scott, retired on March 1, 2007 after 40 years. It's great to be able to travel together as the Moore sisters Love to all and see you next year.     


   Frank Caban

Frank is enjoying retirement!


Jesus Cabranes


Jose Cabe


Barbara Capozzo-Katz


Pam Carlton

"Took the early buy-out in 2003, and haven't looked back since!  I am currently finishing my Master's Degree in music therapy, and happily left the 9-5, M-F hospital work last year for per diem independent contracting as a music therapist.  I am teaching Music Together classes for little ones, and working in hospice and with patients with traumatic brain injury.   Am also leading weekend workshop retreats for people recovering from addiction and codependency.  I am loving all of it, and am feeling so fulfilled and peaceful.  Living in a cute little house in Queens...So happy to be so close to the city again, and am involved with a lot of music interests there.  Best wishes to all of you out there...My email is still"



Mary Carmen


Irene Carnes


Phil Carrescia

Phil retired March 31st  2005 and says " that he hasn't sat still since. He has an apartment in Rio and goes back and forth. He can only stay 6 months out of the year due to visa restrictions, but did manage to be there for Carnival and New Year's Eve. When he is in the states he spends time with his family in Massachusetts and in Wells, Maine.                          Phil says: "I intend to do lots more traveling. I love retirement. It's like being on a paid vacation, permanently. I do take advantage of the travel benefits which, as you know are a wonderful benefit. I wonder how I found time to work. It seems like there are never enough hours in the day. I always loved the job, but don't miss it a bit. It got sour in the end so I guess that was a blessing in disguise. Like everyone else , I only miss the people I used to fly with and the food!! I look forward to getting together."


Gloria Casey


Maureen Casey


Barbara Christoffers

  Rumor has it that Barbara has moved to Colorado.

Mary Cirigliano


Christie Clark

Christie and her husband, retired Captain Bill Clark), moved to Bellingham. WA shortly after her retirement. Tragically Christie was killed in an automobile accident in July of 2001. Christie's daughter, Kam, is married and living in Aspen, CO


Barbara Coleman


Janice Collins

I retired July 31st 2003...the next day was my 41st Anniversary with AAL!  [I have worked a few trips since then my dreams!!!  It seems Crew Schedule was always short!  For one trip I showed up without a uniform, but there were no Supervisors around and I got away with it.  I had good trips and fun on the layovers, but I never got paid!]  I am still living in New Milford, CT and working as a Real Estate Agent in our beautiful "Litchfield Hills".  I visit The City whenever I have a chance, and have been dividing my time between CT and Kure Beach, NC.  If you have children/grandchildren at UNC-Wilmington, let me know.    E-Mail: 




Mary Cicione


Sue Connelly

 Sue's Christmas present from AA in 2008 was a Christmas Day Retirement date. Sue had been out for over a year on medical and will  retired officially on Christmas Day. Normally retirement dates fall on the first of the month, but because of the timing of Sue's sick leave she retired on Christmas Day. Sue lives in Milford, CT with her husband John and son Colby. She would love to get together with her AA friends. You can reach her at 203-878-8433



Pam Craine-Burke


Rosie D'Alessandro

Rosie D'Alessandro writes: I retired in June of 2004 and am very happy working at the Intercontinental San Juan Resort and Casino Hotel as a Concierge. I miss all my friends, my BA layovers, and going to dinner with my crews.


Susie Defrietas


Barbara Dell


Gail DeMarco


Carol Doherty

After retirement in 1989, I went to work for my husband Bob, and also got my real estate license in NY.  Then in 1995 we decided  to move to Naples, FL.   Life has been very good to us and we are  busy enjoying retirement.  Carol Bertrand keeps me posted on everyone  in NY.   I am a charter member of the Southwest Florida Kiwi's which  is growing each year.  We now have 46 members.  Would love to hear  from any of my old cohorts.   
Carol Doherty  


Kaye Donnelly

Kaye has been spending a lot of time at her cottage in Maine!


Nick Dounias


Sue Dreas


Susan Dvorak


Sue Eathertom


Brian Eatz

Mary Egan

Mary Egan

...I retired in 2007 after 35 years..moved to Chapel hill, NC in 1997 when our daughter Melissa started at UNC -CH...spent the last 10 years flying the RDU-London spend our time volunteering and traveling to see our kids..oldest son in DC,37, still single,  youngest one, 26, just moved back to NC, also single, and our newly married daughter, Melissa, 33, who lives in Santa Monica...after graduating from college, she moved to LA, waitressed for 3 yrs, then landed a role on All my children (Annie) for 5 currently on Young and the Restless as to watch her on tv..makes it seem like she's closer to just anxious for grandchildren.....



Susan Evans


Millie Faulkner


Ellie Ferraro


Connie Ferry

After 40 years at LGA and JFK I flew my last trip to NRT on March 27, 2007. It was a memorable trip with a great crew. My entire family, Frank, Lauren and Maikel, Denise, Keith and baby Jameson, and my manager, Krishna Sharma met my fight at JFK with banners and flowers. It’s hard to believe that two thirds of my life has been spent on an airplane. I’ve been fortunate to work with an incredible group of people, and as Margaret Dunn says “we all grew up together”. We laughed (mostly laughed) cried, gave and took advice and vented. Then there were those interesting experiences, being stuffed in the overhead rack on the 707, the ducks at the Peabody Hotel, and the mongoose in Nashville. The time was right. I turned 62, I hit 40 years of seniority and EPT’s were due in March. Frank and I have a lot to look forward to, boating , golf, two weeks in Italy in May, our first grandchild, and Lauren and Maikel just got engaged and plan and 2008 wedding. I’m thankful for the last 40 years but I am looking forward to all the good stuff in the future.


Lois Fitterman


Susan Fitzgereld

I retired in October of 2003 and went back to school, I obtained my B.A. in English Literature and went on to a Masters in Library Science. My encouragement and drive came from some of my AA friends, especially Jean Keiser and Roy Brayton. I am now employed as a children's librarian part-time and really love it. There really is life after AA, what a surprise! I miss the galley talk and catching up with old friends but I don't miss flying at all. I would love to hear from friends @ 


Arline Flood


Lisa Florez


Barbara Fontana


Jill Frank Smoak

Hired as Jill Sugarman and graduated from the ‘charm farm’ June 14, 1967.  I was based at LGA and JFK. Married (became Jill Frank) in 1972.  In 1992 I was in the middle of a divorce and on a whim took a proffer to IMA.  When I moved to Florida in 1992 I settled in Coconut Grove and became active in the sailing community running local, regional and international sail boat races both in Miami and as part of invited guest Race Committee in United States and Caribbean.  Through this sport I met Bill Smoak, a Doctor and Professor of Radiology and Nuclear Medicine at Mt. Sinai Hospital in Miami Beach, FL. We married in August 2005. I retired October 31, 2006 (39 ½ years) and immediately adopted a puppy, a ‘Coton de Tulear’ who is named Sailor.    I’m doing some retirement consulting for individual FA’s and just enjoying my new family (puppy, husband, three adult step children and three grandchildren.)   Future plans are travel (by car, train or boat) and some computer classes.  Loving my new life but not sure when I ever found the time to work (I’ve heard that from many other retirees).

Frank Wilma

Wilma Frank


Jessamine Freidman


Kay Furman

Kay retired in October 2006 and hasn't stopped since. 


Clary Geremia

I started with Trans Caribbean Airlines in June,1963.In 1971 TCA merged with AAL, & we became a large family. I have made so many dear friends over the years.   I retired in 1998, & my husband Bob, & I are enjoying our seven grandchildren. If anyone would like to email me my address is


Denise Gervais


Tamra Gibbs

Ed Gold 

Ed Gold

Gold, Janet

Janet Gold


Maryanne Goodwin


Susan Gorecki


Edna Gorsira

Edna Gorsira retired June of 2007,her last working trip was Jun 15,flt 1635 JFK/SJU turnaround. A group of JFK F/A'S sent Edna off on her last working trip, upon arrival in SJU she was met by SJU Psgr Svc with confetti, cake and a folkloric group from Puerto Rico. Edna had an exciting and well-deserved last day at AA. On Jun 22,Edna celebrated her 70th birthday with a big bash at the JFK Radisson . About 200 of her friends joined her for this event. It was a happy and emotional party. Edna now lives in West Palm Beach and is very happy. Later this year, she will become a grandmother. If you want to contact Edna her address is: 189 LAKE CAROL DR WEST PALM BEACH FL 33411 TEL 561 712-1259 Edna would like to hear from all her friends.


Ginger Goss


Eva Graf


Sarah Gray


Ed Greco

Ed is living in Santa Fe, NM and has turned into quite the artist!Maybe he'll tell us where his next show is.  Ed???


Martina Gregory

Martina Gregory retired in 2001 after flying for 35 years. She lives 6 months of the year in Ireland and 6 months in Fort Lauderdale. She helps Jim, her Husband,  and James, her Son, run pubs in both countries.  She misses everyone at JFK, but meets up with lots of retirees  in Fort Lauderdale at Maguires Hill 16 Irish Pub.


Sheila Guertin

Carol Hafner

Sabrina Hansen

Sabrina Hansen

Sabrina Hansen retired as a New York based flight attendant in November 2009. She is currently living in Farmingdale Long Island.


She is pictured here with her cousin, retired AA Captain, Jock Bethune.

Why is it every picure of Jock is with his arms around a pretty woman?  Hummm. Nice work Jock.


Kathleen Harrington

Kathleen has moved back to her hometown of Indianapolis. She is loving it and says it has long outgrown the name Indian-no-place.




Jamie Harrison

I retired on "April Fool's Day" 2003, just 15 minutes after turning 55! It was all strategically planned for that most appropriate day!! Since I had been involved with, and managed real estate offices since ' 93, I continued in that occupation both on Shelter Island and Southampton, NY through 2005. After a few months "break" to participate in the "chemotherapy beauty regime", I like several of us retirees, moved back to my home state of Michigan. I presently live in a charming little art village on Lake Michigan called Saugatuck. It is two hours drive to Chicago, and reminiscent of Sag Harbor and Shelter Island, and it feels like home. I love being on the water, watching the boats, and walking everywhere. These days I earn my "luxuries", by buying, decorating and selling properties. I am lucky to stay in touch with AA friends and have had visits here from Tatum and Harrington. I'm 40 minutes to AA served Grand Rapids GRR. Would love to hear from others, my e-mail is


Bonnie Hayden


Sandy Hayes

Pixie Healy

Pixie Healy

Pixie is living in Arizona and keeps everyone up to date on our (AA's) medical plan.  Get on her email list if you would like more information.


Connie Hebensperger-Patrick


Maryanne Hegewald


Bobbie Hinson


Jackie Holl


Carol Hurley

Carol retired in July of 2010. She is living in Westport, Connecticut and plans on moving to The Villages, Florida within the next year where there are over 800 organized activities to choose from every day.

Tommie Hutto-Blake


Sharilyn Jensen

Working a special assignment...No, this was not her original uniform.

Carla Jonas

Carla K. Jonas, a retired flight attendant, of Lake Las Vegas, passed away Monday, May 19, 2014, after a courageous 11-year battle with breast cancer. She was born in Philadelphia. She moved to southern Nevada from Pittsburgh in 2004 after living in New York and New Jersey. She was a professional flight attendant for 40 years and retired with American Airlines in 2005 due to her failing health. Carla loved to shop (fashionista), gourmet cooking and dining and reading. She really loved to dress to the hilt and never wore jeans until she moved to Las Vegas. But, what she really loved to do most was to cruise around the world with Jeff. She is survived by her beloved husband, of 38 years, Jeff; and mother, Doris Krassen.


Paige Jordan


Kathy Judson


Susan Kasluga


Jean Keiser


Carol Kelley


Kimberley Kenney


Marion Knight

I am still living in Pa. and Gene and I spend the winters in Florida on the East Coast near Stuart.  Many F.A.’s get together in that area for lunch – like a mini layover!!  I am certainly enjoying retirement, but I do so miss all the love and laughter and the genuine camaraderie.  Flight Attendants are certainly a “cut above the rest”!!  When I look at all the pictures on your “Fabulous Website”, and reminisce about all the great flights and great layovers and the great people for all those years; “deep longings creep into my heart”.  Can’t wait to see everyone!!  Marion


Linda Knightly

Linda Has been one of the "Madison Girls" (CT) for many years, but is now joining the "Dallas Gang." She is loving retirement and has made the move to the community that Lana Aberbach, Carol Reed, Keri Neilsen, and Peter Day have moved into.


Rudy Knop


Diane Kolodziejski


Susan Kopstein-Uydess

I retired from American on Aug. 31, 2006, but I have a whole new career as a financial advisor with The Principal Financial Group.  I’m delighted to be working with some wonderful people at another great company and now I know how all those “road warriors” with their laptops feel on the airplane – squished!  Jack and I moved to Pebble Beach, CA, in May and we feel like we live in paradise.  We’re about two hours south of SFO and we would love to see anybody who plans to visit the Monterey Peninsula.  Like most retirees, I miss the people at American, but I don’t miss the flying at all.


Nina Kroon


Margie Krow

We're enjoying the good life in sunny Florida, (Jensen Beach)  except for the three hurricanes that made a direct hit here! Our daughter's wedding was in Sept. and they are living in N.J. so a party in Tarrytown would be a good excuse for a visit up north. There are lots of activities to keep us busy here but my latest endeavor is golf - who knew I would enjoy it so much?


Bonnie LaFerve


Donna Lash


Frankie Laudermilk


Carol Lauterborn


Soo Lee


Randi LeGrice

I took early retirement in Nov.2004 after 32 years at LGA. My husband Steve and I live in Atlantic Highlands, NJ on the bay near Sandy Hook. Like many of you, I miss my flying friends, but not AAL, or the traffic to and from JFK. That’s why this site is so great. I love all the photos and updates.       Now that our only child, James, is a freshman at Georgetown, Steve and I are adjusting to the empty nest syndrome: mainly too many leftovers, a very quiet home, and no one to cut the grass and shovel snow. I’ve found lots to keep busy, including becoming a Red Hat Society member, leading a monthly book discussion group, documenting the Sears houses in town for our Historical Society, dabbling in numerous crafts, local politics, fund-raisers and wasting hours on the internet!  You can contact me at:    Randi  Le Grice


Barbara Licini

Lynn Lipton

Lynn passed away July 11, 2015 at the Haven Hospice in Edison, NJ. She was 69.  Lynn flew for American for over 43 years.



Lynn Lish


Laurel Lombardi

Margo Loree
Mary Pat Lorelli

Mary Pat Lorelli


Peg Ludwig

Sherilyn Jensen Knop, Shirley Daigler, Peg Ludwig at the Grand Opening of the new JFK Terminal 9. Peg is retired. Sherilyn and Shirley are still flying.


Craig Lutes


Linda Lyman

Lynch Guthrie

Doree Lynch Guthrie


Ellen Maguire




Pat Malone


Diane Manifold

Lali Marin

I retired from American after 35 years, on May 1, 2003.  On December of 2003, I moved to Palm Bay, Florida on the east coast and am enjoying my retirement.  As often as I can, I travel north to see my family however, as soon as the weather gets cold I'm back here. (Don't miss the cold). I do however miss interacting with many of you.


Sadly Lali passed away August 21, 2015 she was 68. She will be missed by many!    


Jackie Martell

Fran Martin

Fran Martin


Hanne Maxwell


Pat Martinson


Pat McCaul


Gail McLoed


Glenna McDermott


Chris McDermott

Chris's son John is flying out of NY now


Mary McKenna

Retired 2010 LGA/ JFK. I am happily married to John Mahoney who was cargo 1975 to 1986 and is now a commercial real estate broker. We live in Bellmore, Long Island, NY.  I am a licensed clinical social worker taking care of 2 aunts with Alzheimer's who are in facilities. My contact is: or 917 805-4180


Nancy McShane

I live in Andes, NY  in the Catskills on 371 acres. Andes is  west of Kingston, NY.  My summers are spent taking care of the garden. I have a lot of yard to take care of so when I'm not on my Toro I love to paint.  I painted before retirement but now have so much more time to enjoy it and my property gives me so much inspiration.  I'm passionate about it. My husband Jack is a hiker and leads a group throughout the year and he is passionate about hiking. Guess you can say we like retirement. Would love to here from any of you and if you would like a little getaway in the country I have two spare rooms. I'm here most of the time.  I do not  travel much anymore except to visit my dear friend  Margie now and then. She lives in Jensen Beach Fla.

Sherri Mehler

Sherri passed away on Sept. 1, 2015 at the age of 66. She was living in Woodbury, CT and very much enjoying life.


Betty Metrick-Alfaro


Bill Miano


Muzi Michaels

The Devine Miss Muzzzz. Muzi has split for St. Petersburg, FL and will be commuting to Alaska. Tell us more Muzi.


Danny Migliarese

Daniel Migliarese(Daniel Risi) Since my last trip ,which was a Santo Domingo turn on 2/25/13 ,I have not been on a plane or near JFK since. Just thinking about packing a suitcase causes a panic attack! I even forgot how to make a tie, since I haven't had to wear one since. Shorts, polo shirt, white socks, and sneakers, just the way I like it. Still in Brooklyn and have no intentions of moving. I'm a Brooklyn boy through out. I had a lot of fun and do miss the laughs when my suitcase was a snack pack. All the best to all.



Barbara Miller


Claire Miller


Bobby Montarro

I live in the Hamlet of Sugar Loaf in the town of Chester not for from Linda Schochet. My partner, Gerrit and I bought our house in 1997. I retired in April 2004 and had a retirement party planned at the Ramada at JFK but my supervisor didn't put the message out until about 1 1/2 hours before the party. There were about 30 people and we had a good time. My email address is and phone is 845-469-9078. I got a part time job at the end of 2006 at the Purple Heart  Hall of Honor in New Windsor, NY as an assistant archivist for members of our military that have received a Purple Heart in combat. I work three days a week and love the job and the people I work with. The Cantonment is also part of this museum and is part of the NY State Parks System. I am looking forward to seeing everyone.  Hugs and Kisses, Bobby  



Jackie Moore

Jackie retired several years ago and sold her co-op in Manhattan last yr ('06) after living in NY for 15 yrs. She moved back to DFW - which is her original hometown and where her daughters live. She is very active w/local AA/DFW luncheons and travels constantly all over the world. Her passion to keep on top of new and exciting places culturally.  She recently got back from a  trip to Las Vegas where she met George Richardson and Joe Angelini. They were celebrating Joe's birthday.


Karen Morgan




Ginny Murray

Ginny is in a nursing home according to her sister, Helen.  Cards may be sent to :  Virginia Murray,  % Helen Howard, 113 Azalea Court, LaGrange, KY 40031.  Ginny celebrated her 86th birthday April 14, 2015!



Ronnie Murton




Jean Naglitsch


Bonnie Nathan


Nancy Neidermeyer


Lee Nieminski


Judy Nichols


Pat Nottingham


Carmen Nunez


Linda Nussbacher

Since retiring, Feb 2006, I've been making visits to CA, FL, and TN to see friends and relatives. On Long Island we see our friends for dinner, movie, etc. at least once a month. I've taken classes in Tai Chi, cooking and computer. We go to NYC for shows and walk daily with Tony and Bogie, our dog. I'm hooked on the TV show "24" , read lots more, and have gone to KIWI luncheons. I've had fun decorating a couple of homes for friends. Keep a traditional girlfriend getaway when possible. Retirement is great....who said it was boring?


Madeline O'Connor

Barbara O

Barbara Olszewski


Tom OHare


Sharon O'Neill

I flew my last trip in August of 2001.  Moved back to NY in 2002 and am enjoying life.  Tax season keeps me extra busy as I am still preparing tax returns. Carole Brooks and I travel twice a year.  Since I am back we  have been to Venice, Paris, Rome, Barcelona (Mediterranean Cruise), Tuscany, Nova Scotia and Canada, Ireland twice....   We go to Manhattan about ten times a year for plays and museums. I am busy with gardening, three dogs, two cats and a parrot!!!! Like everyone I miss my coworkers and look forward to seeing you again.


Karin Owen

After 38 years all based at JFK  I retired Aug 2013. Since then living in England with husband, dogs, & cat. Trying different hobbies, horseback riding, yoga, learning Spanish. Still spend a lot of time traveling to States, Miami, LA, & Boston to visit US family, sometimes feels like I'm still working, but without the fun of layovers!


Eddie Pagan


Flo Paige

Flo moved back to Tennessee after retirement. We are waiting to hear form her.


Anita Pandel


Marisa Parker


Patti Parks

Patti is living on Hutchinson Island, FL and says she would love to have everyone visit. I think she means it!

Parson JJ

JJ Parson


Sue Pearsall


Debbie Perry


Sylvia Petrello


Arla Phenicie


Diana Pizarro

Joe Polizzi

STATEN ISLAND, N.Y. — Joseph Polizzi, 56, a longtime Staten Island resident who enjoyed sports, died yesterday (Nov. 15, 2010) after a short illness. Born in Brooklyn, Mr. Polizzi grew up there before moving to New Dorp with family as a teenager. He graduated from New Dorp High School, where his prowess as a basketball player would later earn him an induction to the school’s basketball hall of fame.

He would go on to graduate from the College of Staten Island and start a 30-year career as a Flight Attendant for American Airlines. While attending his 20th high school reunion, Mr. Polizzi reunited with former classmate Marilyn Terlizzi, who he would marry in 1997, moving finally with her to Grimes Hill.



Clelia Powers


Mary Ann Puccino

Susan Quiles

Susan Cannella Quiles, AA class of 74-3 passed away on May 16, 2015 after a battle with cancer.  She was a member of the Long Island Kiwi Chapter.



Pam Quinn

Pam returned to Oklahoma where she bought a house on a lake and now spends most of her time hiding from tornados!


Jane Raveny


Nancy Redmond


Helene Reichlin


Judi Reilly


George Richardson

George writes: "My career w/AA was a great ride, I loved every minute of it and made a lot of life long friends.  What more could you ask for?  I had a wonderful summer on Long Island just lying in the sun on Fire Island.  Plan on spending future summers doing the same and taking winter breaks in Palm Harbor, Fl.  You can always reach me at ''.  I'm just waiting for Joe to catch up w/me to share the fun of not going to work! 


Faith Roberts

Maria Roberts 

Maria Roberts-Strongwater


Patty Robinson


Sharon Robinson


Jill Rohan

I retired June 2006 , after flying 39 3/4 years. Just couldn't wait for that 4th diamond. Just like everyone else I am loving retirement...spending winters in the Bahamas (Treasure Cay-Abaco) and summers in Woodbury, CT. Playing a lot of golf!


Yes, this photo was taken on my last trip. BA


Reggie Ryan-Sadler


Donna Sager

Dee Sampias


DELORIS J. SAMPIAS (nee Brown) age 73. Beloved wife of the late Joseph.  A Memorial Service was held   Wednesday April 15, 2011.  Dee had returned to her home state of Ohio.


Joan Scanlon-Frank

"My decision to retire was made for me by my dog. I broke my wrist on an icy morning walking him. I figured after 37 years, this was the excuse I was looking for! I had some great times with great people, and I will always have the memories. I am currently working part-time as an assistant teacher at a local nursery school. Apparently there is no difference dealing with two-year olds and flying, except that the two-year olds are a lot cuter and more entertaining. I do miss everyone, and wish everyone the best." Retired, 09/2004


Joyce Schaffer

Joyce has moved to Ft. Myers, FL and loving it. Sadly she is now a widow having lost David last year.


Iris Schanasi


Roxanne Scheidt


Linda Schochet

Linda retired January 1, 2007



Grayce Schor

I flew my last trip (Rome, Oct 06) and love my new life here in Placitas, New Mexico (located between ABQ and Sante Fe). On our arrival from Rome, I was honored with a water salute!-thanks to Capt. Tony. I officially retired Jan.1, 2007.  My 35 years of flying evokes such sweet nostalgia, but the excitement of reaching a new stage of my (blessed) life surrounded in so much beauty fills me with gratitude!  My new poodle puppy, Marley, keeps me in shape-but limits my travel for now...I'm hoping to attend the luncheon in May- but in the meantime, I'll welcome any old friends here to sniff out retirement in NM-Feel free to call or Email: 505 867-2996,   


Carol Schroedel

Carol is still living in Connecticut.  

 With her Westie who she is showing and grooming. She says, " I hope to groom full time, but it takes practice.  I do miss flying with all my friends.  I really would like to do some part-time work at AA if possible.  I am starting to climb the walls. But I do enjoy retirement and can't wait to see everyone again soon.  Love to all.


Jane Scott


Millie Sellers

I too have joined the ranks of the retired.  I received the "bum's  rush" out of JFK in mid March when I told them I wished to retire  April 1. Joe took early retirement  the same day.  He was still Captain on the  777 in MIA.  I know you saw him at your retirement party in BA. Well, needless to say not very many realise I even retired. I miss my friends but I do NOT miss the commute. Joe & I are settling in TENNESSEE!!! Get to Dollywood and give us a ring.  Love to see you. You have my E-Mail so feel free to share it and to keep in touch. I am learning to use this MAC so I will answer the mails I get as  quickly a I can. I would love to hear from AA friends.


Geri Serbe


Val Sereno


Patricia Sharp

Tricia is living in Bethel, CT and has been busy taking care of her two grand children. Another one of those retirees who wonders how they ever had time to work!


Dorey Shaw-Copko

Dorey is loving retirement. She is living in Harrisburg, PA and commuting to Atlanta to be with her daughter and two grandchildren.


Keiko Shirakata


Elizabeth Shumard


Christina Sinanian

Smith, Angi

Angi Smith


Mira Smith


Mary Sowka


Arleen Stamp

 I retired in August, 2004, and have loved every minute of having both feet planted firmly on the ground......I have no desire to work again.....I think 38 years of flying was enough for one lifetime!.....It was a wonderful career for which I am extremely grateful.... I have so many special memories of good times and great co-workers......Since retiring, I have become totally hooked on Elvis and his music again.....and I have American Airlines to thank for the incredible experience of seeing him up close and personal on a flight years ago......My temperature still rises when I think of it!......I have made two trips to Graceland and Memphis and am planning on going again in August for the 30th Anniversary celebration.......Most people play golf when they retire.....I play Elvis!  


Lynn Steiniger


Christine Stenzel


Marilyn Stevens


Cindy Strauss


Laurie Strohm

Anyone looking for someone to travel with? Call Laurie...she is always ready to go.

Patti Porter Struna

Patti is living in Bethel, CT and working in real estate with her husband (retired pilot) Mike Struna.

She would love to hear from friends and co-workers and can be contacted at:

Golf anyone? She'd love to play.




Mickey Sullivan


JoAnne Swanson


Carol Terranova

 Carole was hired by American as an airline stewardess in 1960 .  She retired in Dec. of 2010 as number 1 in seniority at JFK.

 She flew the MAC flights and served as Vice Chairman of ALSSA at  JFK when the age and marriage laws were won in the courts.  

She misses everyone but after 50 years of flying LOVES  retirement.  Carol lives in New Rochelle, NY in Westchester County .



Bev Theil


Claudia Thornton


Audrey Tierney

Audrey recently sold her place in Southbury, CT and moved to "The Villages" in Florida.



Roland Tjoa


Shelby Travis

Shelby is still living in Manhattan.


Nayda Trinidad


Jeanne Tschantz

 Even though the time is right to leave--how do you sum up nearly 40 years of your life??  It's been an incredible journey with the most amazing group of co-workers.  Flight Attendants are a unique and fabulous group.  On the jumpseat you can meet someone and in 5 or 10 minutes you feel like you have known them for years.  We became each others psychiatrists and helped each other thru the difficult times and shared in each others joys.  We partied and laughed and made it fun to come to work.  But now it is time for a new phase in our lives.  We will not forget those that we called friends and know we can go years without seeing them and on the next meeting pick up where you left off--just as we have done all these years.  I will enjoy the memories and yet look forward to the next phase of my life.  Jeanne Tschantz


Frankie Tucker


Arlene Ulozas


Nadia Waite


Linda Wall


Susan Weiner


Jody Whittaker


Jane Wilde


Betty Wormley


Julie Wright


Jenny Zambrano

 Jenny is living in Branford, CT and is as busy as ever traveling every time she gets a chance and working part time.

 If you are in the Branford area you will find Jenny at the Stony Creek coffee shop every morning with her gang.  

Janet Zaslow


Marlene Zoine

PLEASE...send pictures, names, bios of those you know that have retired!